Percy Ramsden Cork

Name: Cork P Address: 30 Watlands View P Patrol: Wolf (C) Age: 15

Percy Ramsden Cork was born between 18th January 1894 in Hinstock, Shropshire to Alfred and Harriet Cork. Alfred was born in Hinstock and Harriet in Ercall, both in Shropshire. Percy had one brother, Thomas, who was also one of our Scouts and was, sadly, killed in the great War. They both had a half sister – Harriet’s daughter.

Percy and Thomas’ cousin (on their father’s side), Clarence Frederick Cork was also one of our Scouts and was also, sadly, killed in the Great War.

In 1901, according to the Census, they were living at 19 Watlands View and Alfred was a cart man(?). In 1908, both Percy and his brother are on our list of our original Scouts and the family had moved to 30 Watlands View. Still at the same address in 1911, Alfred was a dray man for a brewery and Percy was a Labourer for Motor Flour Mills.

Although we do not know when he joined the army, we do know that Percy served in the Royal Field Artillery as 72159 Acting Sargent  Percy Cork. He was awarded the British War Medal and the India General Service Medal, 1908 with Afghanistan, North – West Frontier, 1919 Clasp. He seems to have left the army in 1922.

He married Doris Hilda Latham on 18th April 1922 in Porthill (St. Andrew’s?).

He died between July and September 1956 in Hereford aged 62.