The Original Scout Masters

This is a list of the Troop’s first few Scout Masters and Assistant Scout Masters. Although it covers a period of around 20 years or so, quite a few of these men stayed in their positions for a good number of years.

William Hockett. First Scoutmaster mid 1908 to 10th March 1909.

William James Slack. First Assistant Scout Master mid 1908 to 10th March 1909. Scout Master from 10th March 1909 to sometime in 1912.

William James Bourne. Assistant Scoutmaster from 9th December 1908 until sometime between 1915 & 1919.

Earnest Gleaves. Scoutmaster sometime between 1912 and 1915.

Rev. Frederick Walter Cleveland. Chaplin to the Troop and probable Assistant Scout Master 1913 – 1915.

W. J. Holdbrook. 1913 in an unknown position.

Rev. John Arthur Nash. Scout Master sometime between 1915 and 1926.

George Emmerson Smith. Assistant Scout Master between (approx) 1919 and 1927/8 and then Scoutmaster until the early 1930s.

William George Arthur Bird. Scout Master from 1926 to 1927/8.