William George Arthur Bird

William George Arthur Bird was born on 9th May 1900 in Hanley to William and Sarah Bird. The family lived at 10 Walford Street Hanley. At some point between then and 1918 the family moved to Lorring Terrace South (in a house named ‘Denbeigh’). During this time, it appears that William Sr. passed away.

William had worked for the North Staffordshire Railway at Stoke Station in telegraph office from 1913 until he joined the South Staffordshire Regiment in February 1918. He joined the newly formed RAF in May 1918 as a Flight Cadet and then was promoted to a temporary 2nd Lieutenant on 1st August 1918. He was discharged from the RAF after 219 Squadron was disbanded in February 1919.

He married Elsie Capper in 1922 at St. Andrews Church.

William became Scoutmaster in 1926 at the departure of Fr. Nash until he left in 1927/8. We know he was in Derby in 1929 as his son was born there.

After this we know no more about him until he passes away aged 67 in Harrow, Middlesex in 1967.