The Missing Photograph


This is part of a photo taken at the Church Hall in the mid 1970’s. It shows a framed photo of the Troop in 1926 and it’s the earliest photo of the Troop that we know of. It was taken when Fr. Nash retired and a copy was presented to him along with a similar photo of the Church’s Girl Guides.

There was an article about Fr. Nash leaving the Parish in the local newspaper, The Staffordshire Evening Sentinel –

Extract from article in the Staffordshire Sentinel Wednesday 10th July 1926 The Rev. J A Nash of Porthill. Presentations on Leaving for Devon. 18 Years in Parish

To the Scouts and Girl Guides he would say “carry on”. He appealed to them to show the same love, and to give the same support, to his successor. He felt satisfied that things would go on and flourish at St. Andrews and that the Blessing of God would be upon them.

Other Presentations

On Wednesday last, a framed enlarged photograph of the 1st Burslem Troop (St. Andrew’s Porthill) of Boy Scouts was presented to Mr. Nash by Assistant Scout Masters W G Bird and G E Smith on behalf of the Troop.

The trouble is, we don’t know where it is! A few members of the Group have vague recollections of it, but no one knows what actually happened to it! The Guide’s photograph has survived though! It was found down the back of a cupboard in Church.

DSC00541 (Large)

Unhappily, it has not stood the test of time too well.

As you can see part has been torn away and it is quite dirty. Fr. Nash is just about visible in the middle and I’m guessing the lady beside him is his wife. Wouldn’t it be great if there are still other copies in existence. It would be great (but highly unlikely) if the negatives could be found!

We are really hoping that the Scout picture hasn’t been thrown away and we’d be really disappointed if it has. We are hoping it’s hidden away somewhere in the Hall. There is a rumour that it could be under the stage somewhere (we don’t think so though).

It would be great, however, to find the framed original!

Anyone who knows anything about these two photos or knows the whereabouts of the original Scout photo, PLEASE let us know!