1950s & 1960s

One of our Scouts from this time, Brian Shaw, has been in touch, and you can read his memories of the early 1950s in the Troop by clicking the link below.

Recollections of Brian Shaw

Starting at some point in the 1910’s the Group had its own band. This was used for local parades and District parades such as St. George’s Day. The band lasted until the late 1950’s / early 1960’s and the instruments etc. went to the 10th Longport Group. After a gap of over 50 years, it restarted in 2011.

Around 1964 the Scout Troop closed due to lack of leaders (some things never change) and the Group was only running the Cub Pack. There was an attempt to restart the Troop in 1967 as recorded in the Church’s Parochial Church Council’s minutes of 3rd April 1967 –

“The Troop had been restarted, but due to circumstances beyond our control had once again lapsed into oblivion.”

It was to be this way until 1983.

The Cub Master at this time was Mr. Amos Johnson. Amos joined in 1953 as Assistant Cub Master and stayed with the Group until the end of 1970.
From 1961, Amos was assisted by Mr. David Wood. David joined the Group after being a Scout at the 23rd Stoke-on-Trent & Newcastle, Wolstanton Grammar School Scout Group. In fact, he went on to be the Cub Leader and finally Group Scout Leader before finally retiring from Scouting in 1992 due to work commitments.

Invest Xmas 1965 - 2 (Medium)Invest Xmas 1965 (Medium)

Cubs Xmas 1965 (Medium)

The first two photos are of David and Amos investing two Cubs at Christmas 1965. The third is the Pack with their new Assistant Leader Miss Christine Vickers – due to become Mrs. Wood in 1966. Christine was a Leader with the Group until 1991!
Noticeable that David is still wearing his Grammar School neckerchief! The Cubs are wearing their new style uniforms, but the Leaders are not yet.
Are you one of these Cubs? If so, please get in touch.

Meir Scout House May 1963 (Medium)

Amos takes things easy at Meir Scout House.

Photo courtesy of Pat Bourne (back row third from right)

District Parade 1966 (Medium)

This is a photo of the District St. George’s Day Parade  in 1966. It’s taken in Bradwell and shows Amos leading the parade.

In April 2013, we had an email from John Scott about the above photo –

I’ve just seen the photo of the st George’s Day Parade taken in 1966, and immediately felt the hairs on my back stand up. The parade as led by 27th City 1st Cobridge. The Scout drummer 1st left is “Nipper Wade”, I believe he is now managing director for the Randles car Group. Front middle is Huw Turvey and front right myself, John Scott. The Leader was Charlie Holden who was Cub Leader for 27th City 1st Cobridge. I was a cub from 1960 and in the Scouts till 1967. I enjoyed watching the short film of the Chief Scout’s visit in 1963, I met Charles Maclean in 1966 whilst camping at Kib. It’s strange to see faces from 50 years ago who as a kid you saw regularly during my 7 years in the Scouts but cannot put a name to. Great days, thanks for the memories.

 John Scott