Gold Arrows

In 1982, three Cubs achieved an award that only one other Cub from the Pack had achieved up to that point. Mark Bennett, Paul Whittaker and Nick Wood (the current Group Scout Leader) all gained their Gold Arrows (the highest award a Cub could earn at the time) in this year. The only other recipient was Stephen Padin, who gained his back in 1969.
A presentation evening was arranged, with the awards being presented to the Cubs by the Assistant District Commissioner for Cubs, Dennis Wooley. Stephen Padin had also been invited along to join in the celebrations. The local newspaper also attended and printed the story.
After the three Cubs got their awards many more followed!

16-06-82 Gold Arrow (Medium)

16-06-82 Gold Arrow 2 (Medium)

16-06-82 Gold Arrow 3 (Medium)


The first picture shows Mark, Paul & Nick. The second shows them with Dennis Wooley and David Wood.
The third picture shows Porthill Cub Pack’s four Gold Arrow holders.