1970’s & 1980’s

Throughout the 1970’s and early 1980’s, the Group ran with just the Cub Pack. Throughout these years, the Pack was run by David and Christine Wood assisted by a few other leaders.
Below are some photographs of a few random activities from those years.

17-09-72 Crewe Electric (Medium) 17-09-72 Crewe Electric  2 (Medium)
17-09-72 Crewe Electric  3 (Medium) 17-09-72 Crewe Electric  4 (Medium)
These photographs were taken at the Crewe Electric Depot Open Day on 17 September 1972.
01-05-77 District Camp (Medium) 01-05-77 District Camp 2 (Medium)
District Camp at Kibblestone on 1 May 1977. The theme of the camp was ‘Red Indians’
03-02-82 Badges (Medium)

03-02-82 Badges 2 (Medium) 

Badge work on 3 February 1982.
In the first picture some of the known Cubs are – Matthew Richards, Alan Lewis (Bogis!), Anthony Lowndes, David Powner, Ian Ciglow & Mathew Potts.

In the second picture we see Pam Wood (David & Christine Wood’s daughter), Sharon Adams (later Sharon Hickton and our current Cub Leader) and David Bentley.